Immediate Action Requested
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Immediate Response Required...
Date: July 26, 2013

Call To Action: Email School officials in support of Brigitte Gabriel's speaking appearance on July 29 in Minnesota at Little Falls Community High School. Click here for the link to easily email school officials.
Source of Concern: CAIR has embarked on a campaign to smear Brigitte Gabriel and is calling on school officials to censor her at a planned speaking appearance on July 29th.
CAIR's Smear Campaign: Here is the link to CAIR's press release from July 24th.

Action Needed:  Contact members of the Little Falls School District in support of Brigitte Gabriel's upcoming public appearance.  Sending an email is easy and quick and is already set up for you by clicking here:  Email School Executives.

3.  See the suggested talking points below.  Develop your own talking points about the things that concern you most about the manner in which CAIR operates.
4.  Phone numbers are available to call school administration directly.  Remember to be polite and informative.  Go over your talking points with them.
5.  Fax your talking points in letter form to the offices as a follow-up.

This is a great opportunity to educate these public officials about who CAIR really is.

Sample talking points to add to the email:  Here are some sample talking points you can add to the email:
  • CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terror financing trial in U.S. History: The Holy Land Foundation Trial.
  • CAIR was co-founded by individuals with connections to HAMAS.
  • Many of CAIR's executives have established connections with the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • In 2009, the FBI terminated ongoing relations with CAIR due to their many activities connecting them with terrorist organizations.
  • Comments made by CAIR executives over the years demonstrate their support for HAMAS.
  • Too many of CAIR's prior board members and executives are currently serving prison sentences for activities supporting terror related organizations.
  • Is CAIR an organization that you want to align yourselves with given their vast questionable activities and connections?
You can learn more about CAIR additional information to include in your email by click here: Discover The

FINAL NOTE: As you may recall, CAIR was responsible for attacks on the freedom of speech exercised by a number of elected officials in Southern California.  You can review those events at the following website and reference CAIR's aggressive actions in your email as evidence of their Sharia compliant agenda.

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